HOL offers studio art classes taught by experienced educators who are also professional artists. Students are invited to question, explore, experiment, and solve problems as they create and interact with art. Classes are suitable for the beginning student, yet others are directly intended to answer the needs of the college minded fine arts students, helping them to expand their portfolio.


HOL is proud to offer Recording Classes for students interested in taking their love for music to the next level. Students in our Recording Classes will have one-on-one instruction with our professional sound engineer in our state-of-the-art studio.


HOL can teach you the skills needed to start a career as an audio recording engineer, skills that are also fundamental to start work as a live sound engineer or record producer, skills that can empower someone who wants to produce and record their own music with full creative control. The training programs we offer feature expert lectures and progressive daily studio activities, with the biggest emphasis on the studio experience.

Pre & Post Production

Learn the fundamentals of film and music making with separate classes in screenwriting, directing technique, producing, cinematography and sound recording.  The instructor will help guide the director and crew to ensure a safe and successful day of shooting. Students edit their films or recordings and are critiqued in class by their instructors.


HOL concentrates on developing skills in film and video production. The program provides a practical foundation for filmmaking skills–lighting, camera, composition, and editing. Students take full responsibility for their projects as they write the scripts, prepare storyboards, and finally shoot the project.


HOL Studio’s mission is to provide students with the highest caliber of music education while making lessons enjoyable and fun. In our group classes, students enjoy working together to learn a new musical skill, or improve upon what they already know. Our group music classes are fun and interactive while improving students’ confidence and skills.