Heroes Of life

Heroes of Life, Inc. have Youth Programs in the Los Angeles and Ventura County areas. We train students from elementary school (age 8) through the age of 28. Our goal is to teach young people how to earn a living the honest way and we train them with positives so they will not join gangs. We work to prevent crimes. Heroes of Life is a 501© 3 non-profit organization. We train these youth in the areas of music, video & audio production, editing, songwriting, script writing, story boarding, sound reinforcement for events, internet radio broadcasting & story boarding sessions this includes how to develop TV show, records, radio and television commercials, song marketing, promotion, video production terms and equipment, audio, studio terms and equipment, hands on training in audio and video production, and a field trip to recording studio. We also train in graphic and Fine Arts, music and voice lessons and performing arts, computer lessons and life skills courses along with mentoring and tutoring.
To educate youth and young adults about multiple employment opportunities in the multi-media field including Production, while molding and shaping their spirits, hearts and minds of youth we work with in the areas of responsibility, self motivation, giving 100% at all times and why.
To help people with an emphasis on youth and young adults to gain skills that will breed gainful employment or become entrepreneurs for those who are hard workers, honest and ready to go to work but not ready for white-collar Americas work place. We would be able to hire them into our For–Profit corporation making us strong, professional competitors in the workplace.
To develop our community’s youth and young adults by providing mutual technological business and other opportunities for the sole purpose on helping them discover and reach their fullest potential, we believe these things are done through caring, sharing, discipline, respect, love and forgiveness.
Heroes of Life has formed a strategic alliance with other organizations that advocate for Student Self-Empowerment and Conscious Parenting as it relates to social economics, health education and technology Heroes of Life, Inc. Has always recognized the necessity of developing good literacy skills in youth to assure the future growth-potential of a community. Our immediate plan includes partnering with other collaboratives to offer literacy to the communities that we service. By having the Computerized Reading Labs operating out of the Heroes of Life facility, we become the literacy follow-up service to the 2,100 juvenile inmates from other collaborative services after their release along with helping students from our community as a whole.
The MIX is our unique marketing strategy that provides our youth with an in house source for gaining valuable work experience in the film, television and music industries. Heroes of Life, Inc. is a non-profit corporation that focuses on reaching, connecting and training the youth in our community in current multimedia production skills. Our for-profit company acts as liaison building working relationships in both the corporations and entertainment industry.
Our World Inc. was formed to create the work base opportunities needed to fulfill the vision of Heroes of Life. The mission of Our World Inc. has been to go into the communities where we currently have after school programs and solicit local corporations for production work making training and instructional videos.On the entertainment side, there is a lot of small post production work.